Get Started!

Kindly see steps below on how to handle lodgement of complaints and when to use the CCMS app.

Step One

Lodge your complaint with your financial institution using any of its available channels (e-mail, walk-in, surface mail, chatbot etc.)

Step Two

Obtain a complaint reference/tracking number from financial institution

Step Three

Allow for 24 hours for your financial institution to upload your complaint to the CBN portal

Step Four

Log in using your complaint reference/tracking number and/or any other relevant detail as may be requested

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a unique string issued to consumers upon lodgin a complaint.

There is a 24 hours wait period before complaints can be tracked on the CCMS platform

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Invalid Complaints Details. Confirm your details and try again. If you are still unable to view your case details, visit our FAQ on next steps to take with Invalid details